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Supplemental food products are invaluable to patients during a weight loss program and for long-term maintenance because they provide a convenient solution for achieving success and weight loss goals. It is important to have tools to shed pounds safely and effectively while learning a new style and way of thinking about foods.

We offer a variety of products in both our Roseville and Sacramento offices, including meal replacements, powdered proteins, ready-to-drink proteins, protein snacks in the forms of bars, meat sticks, and specialty products to spice up your meals. Many of our patients continue to purchase products long-term for themselves, family and friends.

Food products are available not only to our patients but to the general public as well. We believe they are helpful for anyone trying to improve their way of eating and to minimize the affects obesity can have on long-term health.

We carry products for the ketogenic diet also known as the Very Low Carbohydrate Diet (VLCD), ketogenic Low Carbohydrate Diet (LCD), ketogenic Maintenance & Wellness eating styles, and various snacks, spices, and other foods for children, teens and adults. Visit our Store for more information on the products we offer.

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