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Helping Your Patients Manage Diabetes Through Weight Loss

  • Your diabetics will be more easily managed with fewer medicines and lower doses of diabetic medicines.
  • Your patients with obesity-associated conditions will enjoy improvements.
  • We will assume only long-term management of patients’ weight while you remain their physician for all other medical problems.
  • We will keep you informed of your patients progress with periodic reports.


Did You Know You Can Manage, and Often Reverse, Your Diabetes Through Weight Loss?

Not many people know about this and it’s time they do! Through effective weight loss, many of our patients are able to manage diabetes, get off medications, and live a healthier life. Our three-phase, medically supervised program can help you too through safe and reliable medical care.

Our Experience Demonstrates Diabetics Benefit from Our Low Carbohydrate Program!

A restricted carbohydrate (very low carb) diet in overweight diabetics will induce reduction of fat mass, weight loss, and lower blood sugars resulting in decreased need for diabetic medications.

Our Experience with Low-Carbohydrate dieting for weight loss and long-term low carbohydrate eating for weight maintenance:

  • Prediabetes – reversal of impaired fasting glucose commonly occurs
  • Diabetes – reversal in some cases of early diabetes
  • improved sugar control – lower blood sugars in 100%
  • Medication dose reduction 75%
  • Medication discontinuation of at least one medicine 33%
  • Decreased complication rates
  • Symptomatic improvements in
  • Renal function
  • Vision
  • Neuropathy (if done before permanent nerve damage occurs)
  • Quality of life
  • Obesity associated conditions (Asthma, Sleep apnea, arthritis pain, etc.) once insulin was introduced.

Weight Gain and Associated Increased Diabetes Risk

For women:

Weight Gain Risk of Diabetes
+ 10 lbs. 1.5X
+ 20 lbs 2X
+ 30 lbs 5X

For Men:

Weight Gain Risk of Diabetes
+ 10 lbs. 2X
+ 20 lbs 4X
+ 30 lbs 6X

Weight Loss & Diabetes Risk:

Weight Loss Decrease in T2DM Risk
11 pounds 50%
22 pounds 90%

References: Bray. Obesity 2013; 21:897; Hamman. Diabetes Care 2006; 29:2102.


Benefits to Diabetics from Low Carbohydrate Weight Loss Program:

  1. Improved T2DM control manifested by:
    1. Lower Fasting blood sugar
    2. Lower glycohemoglobin
    3. Improvement in insulin resistance
    4. Reductions in insulin, & other medication dosages
    5. Discontinuation of some diabetes medications
  2. Improvements in associated conditions
    1.  Obesity
    2. Non-alcoholic steato-hepatitis (NASH)
    3. Arthritis
    4. Sleep apnea
    5. Asthma
  3. Improvements in cardiac function
    1. Lower systolic and diastolic blood pressure
    2. Decreased left ventricular mass6 and volume
    3. Decreased carotid artery intimal thickness
    4. Improvement in left ventricular dysfunction
  4. Improvements in lipids
    1. ↓LDL cholesterol
    2. LDL shift to large particle size
    3. ↓Triglycerides
    4. ↑HDL cholesterol
  5. Reduced mortality from cancer, CVD, and all-causes
  6. Improved Quality of Life


But don’t take our word for it.

This is Piper’s story.

Today, Piper is enjoying life and bike riding with her husband again. Eliminating diabetes was her ultimate goal but she received so much more by using our proven methods for life-long success.

In October 2010, Piper made a decision. Tired of taking medication for her diabetes, hypertension, and elevated cholesterol, she knew that if she lost weight, these conditions would improve and she would feel better. She called us for help.

Within 6 months, Piper dropped 50 pounds, reversed her Type 2 Diabetes, hypertension and elevated cholesterol, and no longer needs medications. She reduced her body fat to normal, uncovering her smaller person and restoring her self-confidence. Piper finally learned how to lose the weight and maintain it successfully.

Today, Piper is enjoying life and bike riding with her husband again. Eliminating diabetes was her ultimate goal but she received so much more by using our proven methods for life-long success.

* Individual success varies depending on factors including age, weight, and length of diagnosis.

Let us be your extended team to help steer your patients back to a healthy life! Contact us today and we will send over some brochures for you to share with your patients.


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