Successful weight control will require the adoption of an eating style which may seem new and different from what you previously thought was healthy. Actually, the Maintenance & Wellness Diet advocated here is an ancient diet. It is a diet similar to the one our ancient, nomadic ancestors ate. Theirs was a diet rich in animal protein and fat, and included only a modest amount of carbohydrates from wild plant sources. Their diet had no grains or grain products, and virtually no sugars. Scientists believe these people, who had the same genes we have today, were lean, fit, and rarely obese.  How did they stay lean then and why are we more and more obese today? They stayed lean by eating differently and by exercising more than we do today.

We often jokingly refer to our diet programs as “eating like a caveman or cavewoman.” It is true, though. We believe the best eating style is a Paleolithic, or Stone-Age like diet, rich in animal protein, combined with good fat and good carbohydrates.  Our medically supervised programs are based on this philosophy – this style of eating.

We have three diet programs and based on your individual needs, we will prescribe one tailored especially for you.  Most often, patients will start on Phase One, the VLCD but patients can choose which Phase will most likely fit into their lifestyle at that time.  Patients transition when ready and oftentimes, will decide to start Phase Three  and transition forward.   None of the diets cure obesity, but it is the first step in long-term weight management which requires persistence.

PHASE ONE – The Very Low Carbohydrate Diet (VLCD):

This is our most aggressive diet and also the easiest to follow.  A VLCD forces the body to burn calories stored as excess fat and protects muscle mass with an optimum protein intake prescription.  Patients have abundant energy and feel good on this program, often better than they have in years.  Scheduled weekly and bi-weekly visits are determined between the patient and practitioner.

PHASE TWO – The Low Carbohydrate Diet (LCD):

This diet is a more moderately paced version of the VLCD but can produce successful results as well.  Many of our patients are more comfortable starting the Phase Two diet because they find it more feasible with their lifestyle.  Scheduled weekly, bi-weekly and monthly visits are determined between the patient and practitioner.

PHASE THREE – The Maintenance & Wellness Diet (MD):

This diet is structured for those individuals who have already lost weight, want to lose a few pounds, and for those who are more interested in changing their eating and lifestyle habits than weight loss.  It is also the third phase in long-term maintenance.  The MD is formulated for each individual, with the right balance of protein, carbohydrates, and fat appropriate to body size and activity level.  Scheduled bi-weekly and monthly visits are determined between the patient and practitioner.

Variations of the diets described above have been prescribed by Obesity Medicine specials successfully for over 60 years.  It should not be boring!  Yes, it’s true you cannot stop at the donut or bagel shop on the way to work or school, but remember what those foods did to you – bad things happened.  You do have to work at it.  It doesn’t come easy or naturally for most people, but the longer you persevere and stick with it, the easier it will become.  We believe everyone should be eating this way!

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