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    Spaghetti Squash with Butter Nutmeg Drizzle

    Spaghetti Squash with Nutmeg Drizzle 3

    A Hendricks family holiday specialty.  Since our daughter is not a fan of mashed potatoes for Thanksgiving dinner, we make this savory vegetable dish that our family now prefers.  It is also very simple to make, low-carb and satisfying.  Try it any day of the week or for your next holiday dinner.



    • One 5-6 lb whole spaghetti squash (not butternut)
    • 4 T. butter, softened
    • 1 large garlic clove, minced
    • 1/4 tsp. nutmeg
    • Salt and pepper to taste
    • Fresh shredded parmesan cheese, about 1/4 cup (optional)



    Puncture the whole squash about 6 times by using a sharp knife.  Put in microwave on high for about 5-7 Spaghetti Squash with Nutmeg Drizzleminutes.  Take out and cut the ends off with a long sharp knife.  Stand the squash on its end and carefully cut it in half.  Scrape out the center seeds and pulp with a spoon until clean.  Cover each half with plastic wrap, put back in microwave, one or two at a time depending on the microwave size.  Cook for another 5-7 minutes.

    While the squash is cooking, heat garlic with 1 T. of butter in a saute pan for about 1 minute – do not burn.  Turn heat to low and add remaining butter, nutmeg, salt (about 1 tsp.) and pepper (1/2 tsp.) or more to taste.  Turn off heat, cover and set aside.

    Spaghetti Squash with Nutmeg Drizzle 2Once the microwave stops, check the squash.  Careful – it will be very hot.  It is done when you can moderately flex each piece.  If it doesn’t flex, heat for another 2 minutes and check again.

    After it is cooked, scrape the squash with a fork into a bowl.  It will come off in strings – hence the name spaghetti squash.  Add the warm butter nutmeg sauce, a little at a time.  You may not need all the butter.  Stir until thoroughly mixed.  Place in a serving dish and sprinkle with the shredded parmesan cheese if desired.   Sprinkle a dash of nutmeg on top for embellishment.  Serve warm.

    Nutritional Analysis:  This is a low-carb side dish containing approximately 80 calories per serving.  Spaghetti squash contains approximately 20 calories per 1/2 cup, about 4 net carbs.  The butter contributes the majority of calories, about 50 calories, 5 grams of fat, if all the butter is used.

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