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    Tom took control of his life and health after suffering from a stroke.

    March 10, 2016

    Thomas’ Goal March 2015:  Relative to my individual prescribed program of nutrition and exercise, I want to lose 50 pounds in less than one year.

    Nearly one year ago I began my diet regimen with Dr. Hendricks and his highly qualified staff, including his professional nutritionist, Paula.  Prior to making an appointment with Dr. Hendricks, I had many questions and fears about changing my eating style and negatively affecting my health.

    Some years back, I put weight on and suffered a stroke.  I decided to start a vegan diet to get healthy.  I was taking medication for cholesterol, high blood pressure and was having difficulty with walking due to the effects of the steroid itself.  My hips, legs and muscle cramps prevented me from rigorous exercise.

    I learned that a stroke is nothing more than a heart attack of the brain.  I imagined blood clots in my legs; the symptoms were present.  I was having difficulty lifting myself out of the tub and severe pain in my legs made walking almost impossible.

    My physician at the time scheduled appointments for me with specialists to interview and perform tests.  I didn’t have blood clots; it was arthritis in my knees and lazy valves in my legs causing blood to back up in my legs making me think I had congestive heart conditions.  I was prescribed physical therapy for several visits and it did help.  (We must keep moving and stretching.)

    Blood tests kept me on the path of proper nutrition, exercise and weight management. I had cut back from 240 pounds to 233 pounds when I first talked with Dr. Hendricks and we began working on a program for me.  He and Paula put together a diet of restricted carbohydrates, optimum protein (120 grams per day) and healthy fats.

    Today, at 190 pounds, I am free of blood pressure and cholesterol medication. I was found to be in the need of thyroid medication, which actually assisted in further weight loss and finally we are taking a proactive stance with medications known as preventative measures for future possibilities of diabetes.

    I knew it was important to see a medical specialist for my obesity condition and insisted that my primary care doctor and insurance allow me to choose one.  I am thankful every day for Hendricks For Health and what they have taught me.  I still have quarterly visits so I keep on track with my new life plan.

    Thank you for everything Dr. Hendricks and Paula.


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