Travel Tips to Keep You Fit this Summer!

By Paula Hendricks, Nutritionist-C

With the warm air heating up our days, summer travel is just around the corner.  Don’t let vacation or travel time slow down your health and fitness efforts.  Instead, be prepared for taking your regime on the road!


1. A good pair of light-weight walking/workout shoes. With airline weight restrictions on luggage these days, it is important to invest in a pair of light-weight fitness shoes that won’t tip the scales. I love Merrell and Nike brand for the best overall fitness shoes for travel. Each has great arch support, is streamlined, stylish, and come in multiple colors. Pick the best pair for you.

2. Exercise Band, Jump Rope, & Fitness Ball. Exercise bands are a great tool to work your muscles and are compact and light-weight for travel. Use the bands to perform a variety of exercises while walking, in the privacy of your hotel room, or guest room. Exercise balls can also be packed and come with a pump for easy inflation. A jump rope is a great tool to pump up your cardio level to further improve fat burning while walking. Jumping jacks, push ups, sit-ups and stair climbing are also great exercises that require no extra tools.

3. Exercise DVDs. If you prefer working out in the privacy of your hotel room instead of a gym, invest in some workout DVDs. Choose what you like so you will be motivated to work out. I recommend renting on Netflix if possible so you may preview before you buy. My personal DVD favorites: Beach Body 10-minute Trainer; P90X Kempo, Shoulders and Arms, Legs and Back, and Plyometrics; Chalene Extreme Work Out. Dance videos are also good.

4. Don’t forget to pack the protein. Non-perishable protein snacks and products are a great way to keep on track, minimize hunger, promote energy and will save you $$$. I recommend the meat sticks, concentrated fruit proteins, protein bars, protein cookies, soy nuts, Doug’s Nuts, Vanilla Crispy Treats, protein powder hot cocoa drinks and soups for traveling. These products are easy to pack and require no refrigeration. If you pack the Blender Bottle, you can mix your drinks with ease. Start your morning right with 30-50 grams of protein and it will keep the carbohydrate cravings at bay during the day.

5. Vitamins, Minerals and Supplements. Keep your brain enhanced, your metabolism boosted, and your sugar levels even. The vitamin holders are fantastic for travel. Fill out a week or two’s worth of supplements, for morning and evening, in your vitamin holder, seal them in a gallon-size plastic bag, and pack them in your suitcase. It’s that easy to keep on track.

6. Restaurant Meals. Restaurants are very accommodating and there is no need to get off track from your weight loss goals. Ask about the meal when ordering. Is the sauce sugary? Substitute vegetables for potatoes, etc. If you would like to splurge at your evening meal, order a glass of wine or other alcoholic beverage or if you’d rather, order a fruit dish with cream for dessert. If the restaurant serves bread or chips, and you feel OK having one slice, take the slice and ask the server to take the bread-basket or chip bowl away.

7. Schedule an appointment. Before you leave on your trip, schedule an appointment with us for a day or two after you return. By having an appointment scheduled upon your return, it will help keep you ON TRACK & accountable during your trip away.

8. Drink lots of water. Did you know you can live without food longer than you can live without water? Water is important to consume often, especially during vacation. If you are flying, staying in a dry climate, at elevation, in the sun or doing a lot of exercise, you will need to keep hydrated at all times. Carry a collapsible water bottle with you so you can fill it up as necessary. If you are driving, bring a case or two of water in the car. Always be prepared for the unexpected. Don’t ever be caught without water. Sometimes you think you are hungry and you may just be thirsty.

9. Be Prepared. Carry a First-Aid kit, analgesics, antibiotics, medications, antacids, and some cash. Always carry these items with you when traveling, especially out of the US. Even when in country, it can be difficult to locate, especially at night and you are in need. Of course if you have an immediate need for medical attention, go get help.

10. Most importantly, have fun! Enjoy yourself on vacation; you work hard and deserve a little R&R. If that R&R includes some off-menu foods or meals, than do it – just don’t feel guilty afterwards. If you gain a little, just get back on track. If you stay the same, we consider that success! If you gain more than 10 lbs., we may recommend you start the VLCD for a week or two to get you back on the right track. Remember. You can always slow down, but you just can’t quit.


Ponder these quotes


• The only bad workout is the one that didn’t happen. – Unknown

• You don’t always get what wish for; you get what you work for! – Unknown 

• Think a 20-minute workout won’t do anything?

Well it’s sure better than a zero-minute workout. – Unknown 

• An object at rest tends to stay at rest, and an object in motion tends to stay in motion.

– Sir Isaac Newton 

• If you really want to do something, you’ll find a way. If you don’t, you’ll find an excuse.

– Jim Rohn