Are you still following a diet you learned from the 80s and 90s?  Or have you gone, vegan, organic, or gluten-free?  Low-fat, very little meat, and lots of grains?   Is it working for you?  Our guess.  Probably not. 

If you ready to make some changes, keep reading.

It’s time to update by getting rid of the old nutritional beliefs you’ve learned and adopted over the years and revamp your diet so you can look and feel better right away.  Is it that easy?  Yes…and no.

Losing weight and learning how to eat right is not that clear cut anymore.  With so much information the media tells us, from medical TV shows advice on products they are advertising to the latest celebrity weight loss cabbage diet success story, it is hard to know which path to follow.  And we are always interested in something new to help us, right?  The Next Big Diet Craze!

STOP!   It’s time to listen to the Experts, the Researchers, the Clinical Professionals who are on the front lines addressing the real issues out there, presenting the scientific data and providing the public with good, sound and up-to-date nutrition.

At Hendricks For Health, serving you in Roseville and Sacramento, WE ARE on the front line presenting the scientific data, doing the research, and helping patients reach their goals every day! Since 1989, Dr. Hendricks & Staff have been providing up-to-date nutritional knowledge and innovative medical information for your success and overall well-being.  We are NOT stuck and are NOT teaching OLD nutritional information to our patients – and you should NOT be listening to it either.  We can help you help yourself.  It is that simple.  Contact Us (HERE).