Our Patients Experience 2X the Results Compared to the Next Competitor

Many weight loss “clinics” provide you a one-size-fits-all solution, while we work with each individual patient to fully understand their weight management goals, lifestyle behaviors and consumption habits. The Hendricks Method is a proven methodology that employs obesity medicine and clinical expertise for quick and lasting results. That’s why in a data-for-data analysis, the Hendricks Method is pound-for-pound twice as effective as the next qualifying competitor.

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Tom Used to Weigh 400 lbs.

Before I truly started my weight loss journey around six years ago, I had already heard whispers from various people in the area about Hendricks For Health and their Hendricks Method approach to [...]

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Piper Had Type 2 Diabetes

When Piper came to us, she had Type 2 Diabetes and was on an assortment of diabetes medication. Well, we are pleased to share Pipe is no longer needing to take her diabetes [...]

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An ARTist for the Better!

ARTist Robert S. Lindsey is known for his beautiful artwork and large murals that transform rooms or setting into incredible themed environments. He is always busy, either up and down ladders or scaffolds, running his [...]

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