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MaryAnn today!

Read how MaryAnn has managed to Stay On Track despite her busy life!

I feel like setbacks always happen in my life! With 3 young kids and lots of running around taking them to various activities and sports, it seems like a struggle and a challenge to stay focused and not get side-tracked and derailed.

Even with some crazy days in my life, and I feel like the weight loss should be faster, I always try to remember that at least I’m maintaining and not gaining weight. I remind myself that a healthy diet is a life long commitment, not just a means to an end.

Success Story, Motivational, Weight Loss, Obesity Medicine

“Before” picture (MaryAnn on Left

I recently had a repeat blood workup done since being on the program for awhile and was surprised to see how great all my numbers have improved despite being 20 lbs away from my goal. At 49 years old, knowing that my cholesterol and other inflammatory markers are at excellent levels, made me realize that I have met the most important challenge in my life—good health!


All this helps me keep going despite any weight loss setbacks!  Thank you Dr. Hendricks and all of staff at Hendricks For Health!