Hendricks For Health vs MediFast!

Hendricks For Health vs MediFast: See Who's Numbers are Better! Over the weekend I ran into a neighbor who enthusiastically told me about how he was losing weight on a Medifast program. (Someone else in the neighborhood told him I was a weight loss doc and he wanted my opinion). I think he said [...]

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Piper Had Type 2 Diabetes

When Piper came to us, she had Type 2 Diabetes and was on an assortment of diabetes medication. Well, we are pleased to share Pipe is no longer needing to take her diabetes medication because of her tremendous transformation! Read patient Piper’s success tips and how she has adopted these techniques into her [...]

4 Tips for Sacramento/Roseville Residents to Reduce & Maintain Weight

We get overweight because it's easy. It's easy to reach for simple carbohydrates prepackaged for convenience instead of cooking a healthful meal. It's easy to say yes to office birthday cake, late night fast food cravings, and high sugar sodas. It's easy to stay planted to the couch because exercise is mundane or of the [...]

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An ARTist for the Better!

ARTist Robert S. Lindsey is known for his beautiful artwork and large murals that transform rooms or setting into incredible themed environments. He is always busy, either up and down ladders or scaffolds, running his company, Party Place, or chasing his three little ones around.  However, in the past year Robert observed that his energy [...]

Travel Tips to Stay Fit!

 Travel Tips to Keep You Fit this Summer! By Paula Hendricks, Nutritionist-C With the warm air heating up our days, summer travel is just around the corner.  Don’t let vacation or travel time slow down your health and fitness efforts.  Instead, be prepared for taking your regime on the road!   1. A good pair [...]

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