Are You Ready to Reach Your Weight Loss Goals? Take the Test and Find Out

Reaching goals, long-term weight control, and feeling good about yourself can be improved by learning about your personality traits. A test called, The Five Factor Model, can help you better understand your personality to create strategies to improve your chances for long-term success.  The test categorizes personality traits into "The Big Five factors:"  openness, conscientiousness, extraversion, agreeableness, and neuroticism.  A [...]

Cassie Lost Over 50lbs and Seven Dress Sizes

That was the post I wrote on Facebook the first day I started my diet journey in August 2011.  I was scared. I was afraid that I would fail like all the other times I have tried in my attempts to lose weight. In June of 2011, I lost my mother who lived in Kentucky [...]


Ready to Kick-Start your Metabolism into High Gear for Spring and Get those Extra Pounds OFF?  Ready to Learn some Healthy Eating Habits for You and Your Family?  If your answer is YES, you are Ready to Make the Call to The Experts at Hendricks For Health!  Dr. Hendricks is a World-Renowned Physician in the [...]

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Overcoming Setbacks – by MaryAnn

MaryAnn today! Read how MaryAnn has managed to Stay On Track despite her busy life! I feel like setbacks always happen in my life! With 3 young kids and lots of running around taking them to various activities and sports, it seems like a struggle and a challenge to stay focused and not [...]

Setbacks Derailments, and Stress – Are these factors affecting your weight loss efforts?

As most of our patients have experienced, following our diet promotes healthy weight loss and a feeling of well-being. Patients tell us they feel better, look better and are happy with their success. We have seen them through the health risks associated with excess weight, the medical recommendations, the specific protocols, and have encouraged them [...]

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Granite Bay View Article Jan. 2013

Hendricks can help in fight to lose pounds.  Weight management clinic can be the coach in your corner! BY EILEEN WILSON A new year, another New Year’s resolution. Seems like most of us make reso- lutions that in some way, shape or form, involve our weight or the foods we eat. Some resolve to drop 10 pounds, [...]

Change Your Direction!

Did your diet take a wrong turn this holiday season? We know the holidays pose a tough challenge when you're trying to lose weight.  But a diet detour doesn't mean a weight loss disaster.  Ditch the guilt and return to what works - our program!   Steer yourself back on a healthier path.  Call us [...]

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