Reaching goals, long-term weight control, and feeling good about yourself can be improved by learning about your personality traits.

A test called, The Five Factor Model, can help you better understand your personality to create strategies to improve your chances for long-term success.  The test categorizes personality traits into “The Big Five factors:”  opennessconscientiousnessextraversionagreeableness, and neuroticism.  A recent article published in Obesity Review below discusses the Five Factor Test study on 80,000 participants and how its association with obesity.


Personality and the development and persistence of obesity

Jokela, M., et al. Obesity Reviews. April 2013.

Generally, obesity treatments have poor long-term maintenance. To date, relatively little is known about factors that explain individual differences in long-term obesity risk or the likelihood of relapse in weight. Psychological dispositions, indicated by measures of personality, have been implicated in obesity risk, but are generally inconclusive. A recent study examined cross-sectional and longitudinal associations between personality and obesity in nine groups from the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany and Australia. Personality traits were assessed using the Five-Factor Model of personality (FFM, also known as the “Big Five”), which has emerged as the most robust and widely accepted model to describe main dimensions of human personality.  In data from almost 80,000 participants, it was shown that the personality trait conscientiousness is robustly associated with the development and persistence of obesity. Individuals with high conscientiousness are described as self-disciplined, task-oriented and well organized, whereas low conscientiousness is characterized by poor self-control, impulsivity and lack of long-term planning. Compared to individuals with low conscientiousness, individuals with high conscientiousness have almost 40 percent lower odds of being obese. Evaluating degree of conscientiousness may help in individualized obesity prevention and treatment strategies.


If you are interested in learning more about yourself and how to improve your weight loss efforts, take the Five Factor Model.  Click on this link:


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