ARTist Robert S. Lindsey is known for his beautiful artwork and large murals that transform rooms or setting into incredible themed environments.

He is always busy, either up and down ladders or scaffolds, running his company, Party Place, or chasing his three little ones around.  However, in the past year Robert observed that his energy was not what it used to be.  “What’s wrong with me?  I’m only 31 but am tired all the time.”  he said.  One day he was editing a video he shot for one of his murals and suddenly stopped.  He saw an overweight man painting a beautiful mural. “Is that what I look like in person?” he asked his wife, Michelle.  She said “Well, honey, you have filled out a bit but I still love you.”

That day he decided to make a change.  He called Dr. Hendricks and asked for help.

Three months later, Robert has reclaimed his youthful physique and is healthier than ever.  “I never knew what I should be eating for good health.  I have always been able to eat what I wanted, work out and stay slim.  But when I hit 30, that all changed.  I could no longer depend on exercise to keep me slim.  Dr. Hendricks and the staff at The Center for Weight Management taught me how to look at food differently.  I believe in their program, the products and now take vitamins and other supplements.”

Dr. Hendricks also prescribed anti-obesity medication, Phentermine, to help Robert with his weight loss goals.  “Phentermine really helped to keep me focused and on track of not only my weight loss goals but also with my career.  Dr. Hendricks was right.  I am more focused than ever.”

Thank you for showing me how to improve myself, for me, for my wife and children!