When Piper came to us, she had Type 2 Diabetes and was on an assortment of diabetes medication. Well, we are pleased to share Pipe is no longer needing to take her diabetes medication because of her tremendous transformation!

Read patient Piper’s success tips and how she has adopted these techniques into her life to keep her diet, stress level, and weight loss goals in check.  They are quite inspirational.

“After reading about the “Setback Story” submitted in late 2011, I realized that I had something to share with others about my own personal strategies for success.  How I battle setbacks and challenge old habits below include the following tips I’ve created over the past year since starting this program.   I hope these tips will help you as much as they have helped me keep on track.

  1. First, and most importantly, become aware of the (negative) patterns of (past) behavior.  This has and continues to be challenging for me but I am working through it.  Avoid or minimize the stressful situation.  Stand up and stretch in various directions while taking deep, slow breaths for about 10-15 minutes. I am always calmer when done.
  2. Always have (pure, room temperature) water, high protein snacks and/or veggies & healthy munchies “on your person” at all times.  Grab a high protein snack that requires no prep time (ex. Jerky, string cheese, nuts, plain yogurt in small portion containers, etc.) I always need to be ready for those unexpected, out-of-control times.When a stressful situation arises, get up and immediately go to a yoga or exercise class, follow a video, or go for a walk. This is one of the ways I can de-stress, become more limber and set aside any (outside) difficulties that may accumulate day to day.
  3. Read several affirmations.  I always carry one with me that reminds me how to feel and think in my best frame of mind.  I place my favorite affirmation near the coffee pot to see & read each morning; and in my purse, my bathroom mirror, and anywhere I may visit often each day.Surround yourself with uplifting, positive people (or a person) who always comments favorably and will give unconditional support.  I purposely stay away from negative comments and those who think or act less than positive.
  4. Do something just for you (not for anyone else) that provides you with good feelings.  I take a bubble bath, a nap, read a poem, play with my children or my pet(s), etc.).  The idea is to “take time out” with my well-being in mind.  If necessary, I schedule it on my personal calendar.
  5. Eat the foods that are within the prescribed plan.  These provide me with energy and give me a feeling of contentment when finished (amount is also very important).  I also take the necessary vitamins daily that provide the support to my body both for my mental and physical health.
  6. Last but not least, do something simple that guarantees happiness for someone else.   Buy them an unexpected cup of coffee, pick up a piece of litter, or take a cart out of the parking lot and into the store.   Give someone a compliment whether you know them or not, do a fun activity with a friend or loved one that hasn’t been done for awhile – just be creative and different; something unexpected.   It will make you feel great too.”

Thanks Piper for sharing your story!