Before I truly started my weight loss journey around six years ago, I had already heard whispers from various people in the area about Hendricks For Health and their Hendricks Method approach to safe, rapid weight loss. I heard about their compassion as a practice, how they had helped so many people achieve their weight loss goals, how the Dr. Hendricks collaborates with the FDA in medical trials for weight loss drugs, and how he has been in good standing with the bariatric community for over 20 years.

I knew that most days I had no energy, that walking from my car to my office usually winded me, that I had to buy all my clothes online because the department stores didn’t carry my sizes, and that I felt miserable or generally unhappy most days. Somehow I had excuses for all of those things. Yet, one morning I became brutally honest with myself. Maybe it was because I was winded after taking my shower, maybe it was the rollercoaster commercial on the radio, maybe it was because earlier I was overlooked by someone I thought was attractive, or maybe it was all becoming just too much. All I knew was that I had enough, and that I needed to do something to change my direction in life. So I made the call, and scheduled my appointment.

When I arrived, I found out that the staff were legitimately happy, granted we all have our bad days, but over the last year I have found that they truly care about each of their patients. The diet products are the best around. Tons of research hours go into finding the best quality along with the best prices for each product that is sold. Hendricks for Health’s reputation is well deserved within the bariatric community. They are always willing to listen to what I have to say, they always offer well-grounded advice, and I never get the feeling that they are judging me during our sessions.

As for the dreaded evil scales, well I have found that as long as you do your best they aren’t so evil after all. In fact, mine currently reads 175 pounds less than when I started my weight loss journey. Thanks to the Hendricks Method, I am now doing things I would have never done before, like kayaking, hiking, riding a bike, and meeting new people.

When I do get off track, I have a little self-talk and restrict myself for 1-2 weeks with the HM Strict plan. I want portion control protein (HM Mint Chocolate is my go-to) and some salad and avocado for dinner. Simple.

I have found that routines are very important in keeping me on track and focused. And I always maintain my supplement protocol, no matter what.

Stick with it and it will pay off.