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We Debunked the Most Common Myth About Phentermine

We Debunked the Most Common Myth About Phentermine The International Journal of Obesity recently published the study by Dr. Hendricks et al., demonstrated there are no conclusive evidence long-term use of phentermine results in addiction. So why is this unfounded, unscientific belief so pervasive? Dr. Hendricks and team have coupled obesity treatment with proven medicine and sound advice on [...]

4 Tips for Sacramento/Roseville Residents to Reduce & Maintain Weight

We get overweight because it's easy. It's easy to reach for simple carbohydrates prepackaged for convenience instead of cooking a healthful meal. It's easy to say yes to office birthday cake, late night fast food cravings, and high sugar sodas. It's easy to stay planted to the couch because exercise is mundane or of the [...]

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