If you have been on or following our program, you will know the answer is unequivocally…


If it swims, flies, walks, crawls, or moves, or came from it, animal protein is the ultimate nutrient for your body and is the key ingredient in a daily diet.  No other nutrient can replace the essential benefits of high quality protein. Here are 5 reasons you should eat protein daily.

  1. Protein is not stored in your body. Our bodies require protein in order to function at optimum levels.  Since the body cannot make or store protein, it needs to be consumed every day. If you do not consume enough protein and the right type of protein, your body will break down muscle to compensate.  You do not want this to happen because over time, your body will develop more fat cells and less muscle cells – a bad combination!
  2. Protein intake needs are different for everyone and it is important to consume the right amount for your body.  Every body has different protein requirements. We provide specific protein guidelines for our patients to obtain optimum weight loss and health.  For a general rule of thumb, we recommend 90 grams of protein for a baseline for a 5 ft. tall person and add 5 grams of protein to every inch of height.  For example, a 5 ft. 5 inch tall person would consume approximately 115 grams of daily protein.  Weight loss goals, age, bone size and activity levels can change these guidelines.  Always consult with us for specifics.
  3. Protein is what’s for breakfast.  During the night while sleeping, your body has burned the evening meal and goes into fat burning mode, provided you had protein for dinner.  In the morning, it is very important to continue your fat burning by having protein for breakfast.  This ensures you will continue to burn fat throughout the day.  If you have a breakfast without protein and eat carbohydrates instead (cereal, fruit, bread, etc.), your body will quit burning any stored fat and burn the carbohydrate and break down some muscle for daily protein needs – again, a bad combination! Continue fat burning throughout the day by starting your day with a protein meal.
  4. Protein is a metabolism booster that affects mood, brain function, hormones, hunger and fullness.  Eating protein at every meal improves your metabolism by prompting your body to burn fat for fuel instead of sugar from carbohydrate intake.  When your body has a constant and even blood sugar level from eating protein and fat at every meal, your mood is stable, you feel fuller longer, your brain function is alert, and hormones are stabilized because your are not crashing from the sugar low after a high carb meal.  Get off the carbohydrate (blood sugar) roller coaster of increased blood sugar, increased insulin secretion, increased body fat storage, low blood sugar, low energy and mood swings, and carbohydrate cravings over and over again.
  5. Protein intake will help you lose weight – for the long term.  As the ultimate fat burner and muscle builder, protein must be part of your daily meals, for life.  Lean meats, fish, chicken, lean hard cheeses, plain Greek yogurt, eggs, and high quality protein drinks are all good forms of animal protein.  Beans, lentils, rice, bacon, and milk, are not.   A food or meal should always have more protein and fat than carbohydrates for best results.

Make good choices for you and your family!