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The Health Perks of the Avocado

As Californians, we have been fortunate to grow up eat­ing the avocado; but those of you from other parts of the country and the world may not understand its allure. From the outside, the fruit's skin does not look very appealing, with its dimpled and not very attractive dark green color.  Don't let that deter [...]

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Nutrition Counseling

Want to maximize your weight loss, maintain your weight or simply learn about making better eating choices for your health and wellness? Our Certified Nutritionist will meet with you one-on-one to assess your current diet, recommendations for diet change, and provide meal planning to help you reach your nutrition goals. Cost: New Patient Nutrition Consult, [...]

Aubergine – The Other Edible Egg

This beautiful egg-shaped plant with its vibrant, purple skin is most commonly known as the eggplant in the US but I prefer the name Aubergine, a more elegant term for the delicious and nutritious vegetable. For those of you who are trying to reduce your intake of grains and take a more whole foods approach [...]

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